June 29, 2020

Our Green Little Buddies

Our Green Little Buddies

Whether summer or winter, a few little green buddies can brighten your space and make everything seem homier. Here at Academy Florists, we get so excited when we receive new plant stock. We all have our favourites; some of us love our array of spring blooming plants, others are partial to our succulent gardens and still others cannot wait for our Christmas mini-trees.

Whatever your favourites are, all of these indoor gems need a little TLC to stay healthy, happy and growing at their best.

3 Succulents in Light Blue Ceramic Pots

Green is Good

Green plants, for the most part, are pretty easy going. Generally, they require indirect sunlight, consistent temperatures and proper watering. If you have a lot of direct sunlight coming into your space, you can diffuse the intensity of the rays with sheer curtains. These plants are happiest when a normal room temperature is maintained and they do not like cold, winter drafts.

When (and How) to Water

Best watering practices begin with the roots. If you want your little plant buddy to thrive, you need to ensure the roots have room to grow and proper drainage. If    you are noticing that the soil in the pot dries out very quickly, you might want to consider replanting. Another sign that your little plant isn't getting the space it needs   to grow is if you notice that the new leaves are  considerably smaller than they should be.

You also need to be aware of the danger of root rot. This occurs when your plant is potted in a pot with no room for drainage. In order to prevent your plant from dying from root rot, you'll need to ensure that you have it set up properly. There are pots that sit in coordinating trays and have drainage slits near the bottom to guard against root rot. If you do not have a pot like that, you can also place a handful of rocks at the bottom of your pot when replanting to give water a place to collect away from the roots.

Another way to protect your plant family from root rot is to ensure you are not over-watering. Most green plants appreciate a thorough soaking once the soil is dry to the touch. Another good rule of (green) thumb is that plants with large thin leaves require more water and plants with thick, rubbery leaves need less water.

Blooming Buddies

Our Blooming Buddies require the same type of general care as our Green Friends do. The only notable difference is caring for the blooms and learning the ins and outs of hibernation for your little bloomer.

Most blooming plants going through blooming seasons and dormant seasons. With a little education and care, you can keep your blooming plant happy and healthy for years. It is best to read up a bit on your specific type of plant to learn the best way to keep your bloomer well during its dormant season.

But remember, just because there are no active blooms doesn't mean that your bloomer has died - it's most likely resting and preparing for it's next growing and blooming season!

4 Begonia Pants in Terracotta Pots by Academy Florist

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June 09, 2020

Back to Business As Usual - Sort of

Back to Business As Usual - Sort of

Beginning Wednesday, June 10. Our store will re-open for walk-in customers. The Academy Florist Team is so excited to see our customers  (we've missed you!) once again but before you pop by the shop there are a few things you'll need to know.

Flower Arrangement with Pink Roses with Eucalyptus

What You Need to Know Before You Arrive

Due to government guidelines, we are limiting the number of people who can be in the shop at one time. Our front doors will be the only entrance available for customers but they will remain locked and an associate will let you in when it is your turn. We will need to sanitize the shop in between customers so we ask for your patience in this. We also ask that you maintain a two meter distance while waiting in line.

We are encouraging all customers entering the shop wear a mask during their shopping experience, however, it is not mandatory. If you do not have one and wish to wear one, one will be provided to you. There will also be hand sanitizer at the door for your use upon entry.

What You Need to Know About Your Shopping Experience

Once in the shop, we ask that you maintain physical distancing. We have a few markings on the floor to assist you in this. Our associate will be happy to help you choose one of our pre-made cut bouquets or arrangements from our cooler. We also have a variety of plants and gift ware available. If you would like a custom arrangement or bouquet we ask that you place that order online or on the phone ahead of time. If you want to place a custom order in person, you will need to leave the shop and return once it is completed. 

Academy Florist's Reception Area with Local Products

A Note of Thanks:

We would also like to take a moment to thank our community. Over the last few months you have been so supportive of our shop. We appreciate your care, flexibility and enthusiasm. We have often commented, in shop, about the overwhelming kindness and engagement we have experienced through social media. These  past weeks have been filled with uncertainty and, at times, loss but you have delighted us and upheld us with your faithfulness and care. 

We deeply appreciate you and look forward to serving you once again.

A Girl Holding a White Bouquet of Flowers by Academy Florist


*For further information, here is a link to our COVID-19 policy on our website

Updated June 26th, 2020

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June 01, 2020

Getting Personal: The Dish on Corsages, Boutonnieres & Wreaths

Getting Personal: The Dish on Corsages, Boutonnieres & Wreaths

Personal flowers have been a hallmark of special occasions for centuries. In ancient times, there was a belief that certain types of herbs or flowers could ward off evil spirits, thus safeguarding the wearer. Over time that belief shifted and the gifting and wearing of personal flowers became a symbol of respect, connection and honour. While corsages became a fashionable everyday accessory for women during the Victorian era, nowadays personal flowers are kept for special occasions such as weddings, graduations, anniversaries or birthdays.

Corsages & Boutonnieres

White Wrist Corsage by Academy Florist  

Corsages were first worn on the bodice of women’s dresses, usually right in the middle of the neckline. This early incarnation of corsages were usually   large, fragrant flowers that were pinned upside down on the bodice to stave off wilting throughout the day. Trends have shifted from large showy flowers to   smaller, more delicate blooms pinned near the shoulder or worn on the wrist of ladies.

When ordering a corsage, you should be mindful of the type of flower you are considering. While just about all flowers can be used in a corsage, some are better suited for this purpose than others. Spray roses, orchids and ranunculus are excellent choices as they are a bit heartier and hold up better out of water. 

White Boutonniere by Academy Florist

Boutonnieres are named for the buttonhole in a man’s suit jacket, as it was once common practice to tuck a small bloom in this place. If fact, when a man presented his lady with a bouquet, he would often pluck a bloom from the bunch and place it in his buttonhole to remind him of her.

Men’s personal flowers have always remained a small nod to their partner’s larger, showier corsage. All green boutonnieres made of eucalyptus, olive or ruscus are among the most popular choices for men’s personal flowers currently but a man can never go wrong with sporting a bud that compliments his partner.

Crowns & Combs

White and Green Flower Crown by Academy Florist

Flower crowns can range from simple daisy wreaths to more elaborate halos with mixed blooms of various colors. There are as many variations of these floral treats as there are lovelies who wish to wear them for their special day – or just any day.

A crown begins with a solid filler base such as waxflower or baby’s breath. The feature flowers for floral crowns are usually lighter, more delicate flowers such as daisies, straw flowers or ranunculus.  Dried flowers are also an excellent option for crown as they will last forever, no matter the temperature or weather conditions.

Another option for flowers for your hair are floral combs. These little blooms are the perfect accent for a formal up-do or a casual pinning back of your locks. Ranunculus, lisianthus and germinis are all beautiful options for hair accessories. More delicate flowers can be used in hair combs because they are less likely to be jostled, re-positioned, or crushed than a corsage.

A Word About Personals 

Groom in a Blue Tux with a Boutonniere by Academy Florist

While personal florals can complete your look and add a special touch to your event, you must remember that flowers are fragile. Corsages & Boutonnieres don’t hold up well to a lot of contact, like getting caught in a hug, chest bump or fist bump. They also can wilt in very hot weather so giving your buds a little spritz of water during the day can help to perk them up again.

A Little Something Special

Grad 2020 is certainly not a traditional grad season. There have been some disappointments and a good measure of uncertainty.  With our grads in mind, we have teamed up with a local photographer to offer a very special experience. Please click the link for all of the details of our Grad Photo Session partnership with Brenna Faris Photography.

Bridesmaid wearing a White & Green Flower Crown by Academy Florist

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May 28, 2020

All About Pop-Ups

All About Pop-Ups
Over the past few years, the Pop-Up bouquet has become a staple of Academy Florist’s signature look. Whether it is a monochromatic beauty featuring a peony in full bloom or an explosion of colour where ranunculus plays the lead or a delicate offering with Icelandic poppies, the Pop-Up is always a fan favourite.
Our team was first inspired by what they were seeing from Little Posy Co out of Perth, Australia. Their Mixed Posy bunches, made with their freshest, in-stock flowers seemed like just the thing our customers, here in Winnipeg, needed for a wee floral pick-me-up!
Our Pop-Ups reflect our team’s desire to offer our customers specialty flowers at an everyday price point. Many of the flowers that are now included in these made-fresh-daily bouquets were once primarily ordered in for special events or added to luxury arrangements exclusively but with a little imagination and creativity these little gems are available for all.

A girl holding a tin bucket full of pink and white cut flowers

What Makes a Pop-Up pop?

While there is no set formula for creating a Pop-Up, each incarnation of this bouquet has a few common elements. Each creation begins with a focal flower -  a peony, a ranunculus, a garden rose, a poppy or another flower that has captured our designer’s imagination. Then a few filler flowers like stock, snap dragons or statice are added. A few designer greens like ruscus, olive branch or eucalyptus bring the whole bouquet together.
The flowers and colour combinations used each week are inspired by the seasons and what special thing we have arriving in store in our latest shipment. Nothing about the Pop-Up is pre-scheduled or arranged. Our designer just walks into the cooler and creates out of what catches her attention.
Pop-Up bouquets tend to be a bit shorter than our other fresh cut bouquets for a few reasons. Many specialty flowers grow on shorter stems than other flowers like roses or daisies. Many of the specialty flowers are also a bit heavy-headed so they tend to droop a lot if left untrimmed.

To keep your one-of-a-kind Pop-Up looking fresh for as long as possible, be sure to give the stems a trim under warm running water before you place them in a vase with plant food. Also change to water every few days to keep it fresh and give the stem a little snip each time you change the water. You can expect your flowers to be at their best for three to five days and begin to fade sometime after that.

Pink Pop-up Bouquet by Academy Florist
What are some of your favourite colour combinations in a Pop-Up?

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