June 30, 2021

When it Comes to Fill... You've Got Choices!

When it Comes to Fill...  You've Got Choices!

When people start thinking about sending flowers their mind often goes first to the feature flower, the roses or ranunculus or peonies. Then they consider the greenery but there is something important in between the feature flowers and the greens. A little something, or a lot of little somethings, that make a huge difference in the overall appearance of a bouquet or arrangement, the filler flowers.

I know, it's not a very compelling name, filler or fill flowers, but honestly they can make or break the feel of a bouquet. Often times people automatically think of Babys Breath, especially if they are ordering roses, but there is a whole world of fill that can take an ordinary rose bouquet into an extraordinary bouquet that looks creative and intentional.

Here are some of our favourite fill!

Limonium Flower Filler by Academy Florist


Limonium is a shop favourite. These woody stemmed blooms are also known as 'the everlasting' flower and are as delicate as they are beautiful. They generally are available in shades of purple and pink but can occasionally be found in white and yellow as well. Limonium adds a beautiful 'prairie' quality to our garden bouquets. if you are looking for a wild-flower look this is the fill for you!

Statice Filler for Flower Bouquets


Statice is a close cousin of Limonium but its a bit sturdier of a flower. technically they are in the same 'flower family' but go by different names for clarity's sake. The green stalks of Statice are thicker than that of Limonium and the blooms themselves are larger and have a paper-like quality to them. They can be found in deep purple shades or white and are often referred to as the flower of remembrance. We love to pair Statice with Bird of Paradise or add it to Boho bouquets and as an added bonus, Statice dries beautifully and can last for ages.

Wax Flower Filler for Flower Bouquets

Wax Flower 

Wax Flower is one of our absolute favourites! It's versitile and an excellent, modern alternative to Babys Breath. Its is whimsical and delicate and brings the pop of colour you never knew you needed in your bouquets. Related to Myrtle plants, Wax Flower give off a fairy woodland vibe when paired with Peonies, Lisianthus and Ranunculus - all of our very favourites! It comes in white, purple and a deep pink and it goes with EVERYTHING!

Solidago Filler for Flower Bouquets


Solidago is a golden beauty that calls us back to our prairie roots. It can be found growing in the fields and meadows of our own beautiful province . Solidago definitely gives off happy vibes and that is why we love to add it to bouquets of our sunshiniest flowers like Daisies, Gerbs and Sunflowers. The bold yellow of this woodland fill turns our traditional bouquets into a wild-flower celebration.

When it Comes to Fill...  You've Got Choices!

All of these fill flowers add colour and a little something special to bouquets when added. They also make a really quaint alternative to the shabby chic Babys Breath centerpieces when grouped together in reclaimed jars and old milk bottles. Any way you put these petite beauties to use they will add charm and interest to your décor.

So, the next time you are ordering flowers, remember ... when it comes to fill, you've got choices.

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