March 16, 2021

The Blooming Best

The Blooming Best

Can you feel it? Can you feel the shift in the season? Can you smell spring in the air?

It's finally happening, after a long winter of lockdowns, disrupted traditions and a polar vortex, Spring is here. It has felt like a long awaited promise that crept up on us until, all of a sudden, the snow receded and everything begun to emerge from hibernation.

Flower Bouquet including Tulips by Academy Florist

For generations, around the world, Spring has marked a reawakening of the earth. In ancient times, the Sarans & Celts would mark this change in seasons with ceremonies and celebrations. The druids would bury eggs in their fields to invite abundance to the lands. Bitter roots tea would be consumed to invigorate the body and cleanse the blood after a long, harsh winter. North American Indigenous peoples would begin to migrate back to the lands where hunting and harvesting were plentiful. 

Freesia Flower Arrangement by Academy Florist

Here in Manitoba, one of the first signs of Spring, for us, is the arrival of Pussy Willows in our shop. These fuzzy little buds are quite popular and are a beautiful addition to our spring bouquets. Close on the heels of Pussy Willows, we start to see the arrival of some of our other Spring favourites - Tulips & Daffodils! These simple beauties are a popular pick for Passover and Easter tables across the province. And just in time for Mother's Day we'll see the arrival of Freesia, Anemone and the ever popular Peonies.

White Peonies Bouquet by Academy Florist

Whatever your bloom of choice is, Spring offers up an abundance of beauty to choose from! Be sure to follow our Instagram account so you are the first to know when our Spring favourites arrive!

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