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June 29, 2020

Our Green Little Buddies

Our Green Little Buddies

Whether summer or winter, a few little green buddies can brighten your space and make everything seem homier. Here at Academy Florists, we get so excited when we receive new plant stock. We all have our favourites; some of us love our array of spring blooming plants, others are partial to our succulent gardens and still others cannot wait for our Christmas mini-trees.

Whatever your favourites are, all of these indoor gems need a little TLC to stay healthy, happy and growing at their best.

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Green is Good

Green plants, for the most part, are pretty easy going. Generally, they require indirect sunlight, consistent temperatures and proper watering. If you have a lot of direct sunlight coming into your space, you can diffuse the intensity of the rays with sheer curtains. These plants are happiest when a normal room temperature is maintained and they do not like cold, winter drafts.

When (and How) to Water

Best watering practices begin with the roots. If you want your little plant buddy to thrive, you need to ensure the roots have room to grow and proper drainage. If    you are noticing that the soil in the pot dries out very quickly, you might want to consider replanting. Another sign that your little plant isn't getting the space it needs   to grow is if you notice that the new leaves are  considerably smaller than they should be.

You also need to be aware of the danger of root rot. This occurs when your plant is potted in a pot with no room for drainage. In order to prevent your plant from dying from root rot, you'll need to ensure that you have it set up properly. There are pots that sit in coordinating trays and have drainage slits near the bottom to guard against root rot. If you do not have a pot like that, you can also place a handful of rocks at the bottom of your pot when replanting to give water a place to collect away from the roots.

Another way to protect your plant family from root rot is to ensure you are not over-watering. Most green plants appreciate a thorough soaking once the soil is dry to the touch. Another good rule of (green) thumb is that plants with large thin leaves require more water and plants with thick, rubbery leaves need less water.

Blooming Buddies

Our Blooming Buddies require the same type of general care as our Green Friends do. The only notable difference is caring for the blooms and learning the ins and outs of hibernation for your little bloomer.

Most blooming plants going through blooming seasons and dormant seasons. With a little education and care, you can keep your blooming plant happy and healthy for years. It is best to read up a bit on your specific type of plant to learn the best way to keep your bloomer well during its dormant season.

But remember, just because there are no active blooms doesn't mean that your bloomer has died - it's most likely resting and preparing for it's next growing and blooming season!

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