May 21, 2021

Summer Markets in Full Bloom

Summer Markets in Full Bloom

In late 2019, before the world closed, I was running to catch a train in Glasgow's Central Station and zipped past the most charming flower stand I'd ever seen. It was so quaint and lovely that I stopped in my tracks to enjoy the view. I snapped a few pictures, missed my train and spent the next 40 minutes sipping coffee and perusing the flowers until the next train came. No regrets.

Glasgow Central Station | United Kingdom

I've often thought about that flower stand and wondered what other charming flower markets are out there. So, I did a little google search and found some spectacular markets from nearly every corner of the earth. From annual flower festivals to little posh neighbourhood pop-ups to massive outdoor markets - the world really is filled with flowers!

Here are a few you many want to check out for yourself:

Kashmir, India has an entirely lovely floating vegetable market where rafts of fresh blooms can be found in abundance. Vendors paddle their canoes around Lake Dal to sell their wares wholesale. With no permanent shops on the shores, this unique market does an exceptional business in this charming, traditional way.

Mexico City's Mercado Jamaica has been in business for well over 20 years and it's a sight to behold. It's open 24/7 and hosts wholesalers, growers and small family vendors alike. The more than 1,000 stalls dedicated to the flower trade carry in excess of 5,000 varieties of flowers, greens and plants.  This popular market is an explosion of scents and colour that is sure to delight!

Academy Florist's Bouquet

Keiv, Ukraine hosts an annual flower show that is much more than merely a market. While they do a considerable trade during the fair that begins is usually held in June, this event is an opportunity for vendors, growers and designers to network and show of the very best of their talents. From unique tabletop arrangements to giant outdoor floral installations, this flower show is blooming with inspiration.

Europe is full of incredible flower markets but none are as stunning and unusual as France's 200 year old Marche aux Fleurs. This blend of an open air and closed stall market is located along the Seine and boasts tree-lined pathways and historic buildings. Stalls are overflowing with charming, fresh cut bouquets and sophisticated artistic arrangements. Aside from the longevity and location of this market, the other unique feature is on Sundays it is also a bird market. Rare, exotic and beautiful birds also join the flower-filled stalls for tourists and vendors to peruse and purchase.

Academy Florist's Greenery Bouquet

While we are not world famous - yet - for our outdoor market, we did host our first ever one over the Mother's Day weekend. Our little market held fresh spring cut flowers, mini bouquets of roses and lilies and a variety of plants along with hourly specials throughout Sunday. It was so much fun serving our customers in the sunshine that weekend and it was a wonderful way to usher in our Spring season.

What are your favourite flower markets? Be sure to share with us in the comments.

Exterior of Academy Florist's Shop in Winnipeg

Stay tune for an exciting announcement about the return of Academy's very own outdoor market.

 Journal entry written by Academy Florist team member Nichole Forbes

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