June 18, 2021

Secrets to a Successful order

Secrets to a Successful order

Ordering flowers can seem like a daunting task for some - especially under current conditions when accessibility to the shop may be affected due to COVID restrictions. Ordering online or over the phone is a great option but even that can seem tricky at times. 

Here are a few tips, tricks and suggestions to help you complete a successful order!

Know Your Stuff - Before you call the shop, or start your order online, be sure to have your method of payment on hand, the date you would like your order and, for a delivery, the name, address and phone number of the recipient. We must have the phone number of the household or business that we are delivering to in order to complete delivery.

No Idea? No Problem! If you don't know much about flowers are you feel lost when trying to imagine what the recipient would like, don't worry, we can help. You can peruse our website for inspiration or call the shop to speak to one of our helpful and knowledgeable team members. You can also choose to go with one of our Designer's Choice options and trust our talented designers to work their magic for you!

Keep an Open Mind - Because of the current world-wide flower shortage, it is best to keep an open mind when placing your order. Instead of ordering a bouquet based on very specific types of flowers or colours, try giving our staff a colour palette suggestion (muted tones, vibrant, monochromatic) with one or two types of flowers (loves carnations or is allergic to lilies) that are a favourite and then leave the rest in our staff's capable hands. 

Give us Time - While we do offer same day delivery and can make custom orders for pick up in under an hour, most days, the earlier you place your order the better. This is especially true as we approach holiday seasons or if you are hoping to have a specific type of flower. Please also keep in mind, our same day delivery cut off time is noon. That means we have to be able to confirm with the recipient that they will be available to receive a delivery before noon otherwise the delivery will be moved to the next day. 

Ordering Online - Ordering online is secure and convenient but it can feel tricky if you've not done it before. Here's how our shop works ...

1. Choose the item you wish to purchase and BEFORE you add it to your cart, fill out your card message. Please do not include emojis in your card message as our system isn't equipped for them and it actually makes the interfacing go bananas! You can also choose to upgrade your purchase or add candles, bears or chocolates on this first page.

2. After you 'Add to Cart" you will be directed to the next page which will explain our Contactless Delivery Policy. You will be asked to choose a delivery date. Don't worry if you were hoping for a pick up. Just choose your date and leave any special instruction here (like colour palette, allergies or delivery instructions) then click 'Submit.'

3. On this page you can choose either pick up or delivery. You will be asked for YOUR email address as the customer and the RECIPIENT's information under the 'Shipping' information. Once this is completed you can click 'Continue to Shipping'

4. Here you will be asked to choose the shipping price. You will be given three options. Please choose the correct option. Failing to do so may result in a delay of delivery as we will have to contact you to adjust the payment.

5. Lastly you will be asked for payment information and billing address. You will also have the opportunity to look over your order to make sure it is correct. This is also the page where you can redeem your gift card as a method of payment, should you have one.

Online Ordering No-Nos

Our system is not equipped to receive multiple delivery addresses on the same order so, please don't do attempt this. It honestly creates quite a mess on our end and always requires a phone call the the sender to straighten out the delivery fees. If you need to send items to several people you will need to place a separate order for each address or call the shop for assistance in ordering.

Don't try to cheat the system by not choosing a date or attempting to choose an unavailable date. Occasionally, people find a way around the system and choose dates that are blocked or unavailable. Please don't try this at home, folks. A real human processes each online order and they will bump your order to the next legitimately available date.

Do not email us your order. While we do check our emails regularly, we are a busy shop and an email order can easily be overlooked resulting in a missed requested delivery date or stock selling out. Emailing your credit card information is not secure and can leave you open to fraud (our online ordering system provides secure payment options) and asking us to call you for payment can also lead to delays and is very difficult during busy seasons.


We love our customers and we are always happy to help so, when in doubt, give us a call and we can get you sorted.


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