September 01, 2020

Let's Get You Some Answers!

Let's Get You Some Answers!

After nearly 40 years in business, we have this flower gig down pretty good.

We have a rhythm to the shop and we are used to the cycle of busyness that comes with holidays, weddings and events. We have a routine of preparing the shop for each season while still meeting the needs of our day-to-day customers that has worked for us for decades but in this COVID era we have been thrown a few curve balls and we have had to adapt on the fly, as many of you have also.

Here are answers to some of the most common questions we are being asked these days.

Is your shop open to customers?                                                           

Our shop is open Monday to Saturday, 9am until 5pm, each week. Customers are welcome to enter the shop but just one customer can be in the shop at a time. We also request that each customer who enters the shop wear a mask during their visit. There is hand sanitizer just inside the door for customer use. 


Are you making deliveries?

Our drivers are hard at work making contactless deliveries Monday through Saturday each week. We are able to deliver to hospitals and most care homes too at this time. As part of our COVID policy, we do contact the recipient prior to delivery to ensure that someone will be available on the date of delivery. We should also note that while we cannot guarantee a specific time of delivery, our drivers do their best to accommodate morning or afternoon requests. 


Can I get a same-day order?

We accept same-day delivery orders until noon and same day pick-up orders with one-hour advance notice. We also have a selection of ready made bouquets, arrangements and plants available in shop for our customers to choose from if you want to pop by.


Can I call ahead to order something to pick up?

Yes, for sure! We offer curbside pick-up for orders placed online or over the phone. All you need to do is give us a call when you arrive at the shop and we'll put your order in the pick-up box at the front of the store. This saves you from having to wait in line or needing to mask-up to enter the shop.


Can I drop by the shop for a funeral or wedding consultation? 

We have suspended in-person consultations for events and funerals until further notice. We encourage customers to call or email the shop with their event details so we can make arrangements for the appropriate person to meet with you either over the phone or through video messaging. We have both a wedding/event consultant and a funeral specialist to assist you in your planning.


Can you get in all of the same flowers you could before COVID?

Our buyer is crafty and she has been able to source most of  our regular stock throughout the pandemic, thus far. There has been some fluctuation week to week of what is available, so that is why you may have been told that we cannot promise to have certain items  in stock weeks in advance. There is also the natural cycle of flowers being in and out of season that we are subject to. While we cannot guarantee specific items sometimes, I will say that I have seen Irene work her magic and bring in the impossible over these last few months!


Can I send flowers out-of-province through your shop?

Pre-COVID we were able to wire orders around the world. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, unfortunately many florists have had to close shop - some temporarily but others permanently. While we can attempt to assist you in ordering flowers to be sent out-of-province, often times we are unsuccessful in finding an FTD florist who is capable of fulfilling orders because our network has shrunk. In truth, you have better chances of being successful if you contact a florist who is local to the recipient personally. This will also give you the ability to speak directly with the florist who will be designing your order so you can have all of your questions answered.

Do you have any questions for us?

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