July 15, 2020

Let's Celebrate ...

Let's Celebrate ...


We are so excited to join with our friends at Flower Collective YWG to highlight and celebrate local flower growers during this week dedicated to Canadian flower farms. This week was inspired by similar initiatives that began popping up around the globe a few years back. In the US, Australia and the UK flower shops began to partner with local growers to create a more ethically sourced product that fuels local economies.

These grower/designer partnerships took a nod from farm-to-table movements happening in the food industry. Consumers began to pay attention to where their food was coming from and how it was produced which led to a demand for less processing, less chemicals and more transparency in the industry. Soon, flower lovers began to ask the same questions.

When flowers are sourced locally, less pesticides are used because of government restrictions and you'll tend to get fresher blooms because the flowers spend less time in transit. You also get the benefit of knowing that you are boosting our Canadian economy and helping Canadian farm families continue to do what they love best - grow beautiful flowers!

As you know, the weather in Canada can be pretty extreme from region to region throughout the year. Flower shops who buy local, instead of solely relying on international growers, have the benefit of building relationships with many different farms across the country.

Here at Academy, we depend on our BC farm friends for our winter greens, our spring tulips and our summer peonies. We source our pussy willows, snapdragons, dahlias and achillea right here in Manitoba during the local growing season. And Ontario is a faithful supplier of ranunculus, gerberas and snapdragons year round.

Celebrate Market Style

To mark Canadian Flower Week, we will be highlighting some of our partners on our social media and showcasing some of our favourite home-grown blooms. We will also be participating in a Flower Walking Tour on Sunday, July 19. From 11am-4pm come for a stroll down Lilac Street in Corydon Village to see the beautiful artistry of Manitoba flower designers. Designers will be doing installations at businesses down Lilac, showcasing flowers from local growers. So grab a cup of coffee and take a stroll to celebrate the beauty that comes from our own backyards!


 Join us for a week full of flower fun, July 16-22, on Instagram and Facebook!


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