July 08, 2020

For Good Health's Sake

For Good Health's Sake

It'll come as no great surprise to you that we think flowers are the perfect addition to any room but did you know that there's scientific evidence to prove that flowers can bring a boost to your mind and emotions?

Colourful Flower Arrangement by Academy Florist

The last six months have been a doozy! Even though, the world is finding a new rhythm, a new way forward, many of us are still dealing with the stress and fatigue of surviving months of uncertainty and disruption. Whether you were able to self isolate in the safety of your home and try out new recipes and crafts or if you worked in an essential service or if you balanced work life, home life and bored kids from the chaos of your kitchen table, I am sure you could use a breather and a bit of sunshine in your life, just now.

The good news is that, while I cannot make the world return to normal, I can offer you a wee bit of sunshine to boost your mood!

Pink Rose Arrangement by Academy Florist

There was a study done at Rutgers in 2019 that reinforces what we all inherently know- flowers make us feel better! This study examined the effects that different types of gifts have on people and -hands down - people experienced a greater mood-boost that lasted longer when they received flowers over gifts of food or candles. Another study, along the same lines, also concluded that flowers can immediately decrease feeling of stress, agitation and depression while increasing a person's sense of satisfaction with their life.

The science behind these studies revealed that natural elements in our living and working spaces provide mini-escapes for our minds and help us to recall memories of relaxation and adventure in the outdoors. These moments of mental escape can release chemicals and hormones in our brains that combat stress and fatigue. Flowers have the added emotional benefit of bringing vibrant colours and beautiful scents into our spaces, too.They can help to create a wee oasis in the middle of your regular, full life.

A Girl Holding A Large Flower Bouquet by Academy Florist

Here in the shop, we can attest to the goodness flowers bring. One of the greatest perks of the job is being surrounded by the beautiful scents, colours and shapes of the various flowers we bring into the shop each week!  While we love all of the beauties that find their way here we all have a few varieties that speak to us. Here are a few of our staff's personal favourites:

Irene loves Lily of the Valley, Kayla favours stock and Nichole digs ranunculus. Kirsten can't get enough of cosmos (she even has a tattoo of these beauties!). Colleen is a sucker for Queen Anne's Lace and Delphiniums make Erlyn smile. Vanessa is a fan of peonies while Brittany prefers poppies!

Garden Style Rose Arrangement by Academy Florist


What are your favourites? Let us know in the comments! 

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