April 07, 2022

Easter Weekend Ideas: Decor, Party Favors & Activities!

Easter Weekend Ideas: Decor, Party Favors & Activities!

Easter weekend is around the corner!

Almost everyone has Good Friday off work and kids aren't in school. So, even if you don't celebrate religious beliefs around Easter, it's a great time to get family/friends together and have a little fun! 

Plus, we're taking the hassle off of you; here are some fresh and unique ideas for your Easter weekend. 

PS. Check out our Pinterest board "Easter Weekend Inspo" for all of our inspiration and tips! 

Easter Decor Inspiration

A celebration isn't the same without decorations! Having decor enhances the mood, plus, it ties the activities together. Going all out is super fun, but even a sprinkle makes all of the difference. 

First and Foremost: The Dining Room 

Getting the whole family around the dinner table can go either way... You have the best moments or the most invasive conversations. 

Having stunning and unique table features can help you swerve unwanted discussions or create chatter when it goes quiet. 

Take a look at our Spring Centerpiece; an explosion of colour and flowers. Create some noise by guessing the type of flowers or ask the young ones to choose their fav colour. 

Our Spring Trio is a perfect complement if you're having appetizers in another room. Really, you can scatter them anywhere that needs a dash of colour. 

Also, shout out to our very own @daintyhandsstudio for making and supplying the most perfect candleholders! She also has tapered candles available (not pictured). Order your own through her Instagram! 

Adding a matching napkin or cloth can pull the table together while keeping the design simple and affordable. 

Want to make it extra cute? Fold your napkins into bunny ears with this easy how-to. Tie it with a bit of twine and even include a small twig or flower. 

Party Stuff is Winnipeg-local and can be a one-stop-shop for accessories. They have everything from simple spring colours to extravagant bunny-themed everything. 

^ click the photo to watch us make this table setting! 

Decor Ideas for all Rooms 

Most of our other suggestions work in any type of room. 

This one is a bit DIY, but you can make it as classy or cheesy as you want! Find a large clear jar or jug, fill it with decorated eggs and add some cherry blossom branches or dried flowers. Here's one of our favs! 

Wreaths are another decor idea that can be modern or tacky (the fun kind!). Do it yourself or hire Academy Florist to create one!

Use a simple gold hoop with eucalyptus as your starting point. Add flowers, branches, eucalyptus, ribbon, and some Easter knick-knacks. Fill it until you're satisfied.

If you pass this job onto us, keep in mind we only carry fresh and dried flowers, so you'll have to add your knick-knacks afterward. 

Pastel candles are adorable and can be reused outside of Easter. To make them extra Easter-y, put a cluster together and include decorated eggs on candle holders. No extra candle holders? Use a small decorative plate, throw in some chocolates and flowers. 

Tri of Spring Arrangements with Colourful Flowers

Easter Party Favors 

Party favors aren't necessary, but they are fun! Mini chocolate eggs can become a bit redundant and aren't as much fun for adults. Here are a few fresh takes on goodie bags. 

Carrot Surprise Party Favor

We couldn't find these locally, but they seem easy to make if you're crafty... "Carrot Surprise Party Favors" are carrot-shaped cones filled with goodies! They're a fun lil surprise people can take home.

You can fill them with anything small, but some ideas are wrapped chocolate eggs, mini temporary tattoos, flower petals, mints, stickers, tea bags, etc. 

Recipe and Dessert 

A snack-size dessert with the recipe on Easter-themed stationery is a win-win for everyone. 

You get to show off your baking skills, they get something tasty, and it's an ever-lasting gift. The next time you see them, you can break the ice by asking if they put a personal spin on it. 

Small Plant or Mini Bouquet 

Our 4" Violet Plants are an affordable family gift! They're absolutely vibrant during this time of year, plus a green thumb isn't needed to keep them healthy. 

A mini bouquet is also a sweet send-off gift that anyone at any age can enjoy. You can attach it to another gift or accompany it with a simple thank-you note.

3 African Violets in White Ceramic Pots by Academy Florist

Easter Weekend Activities 

Breakout board games, your old N64, colouring supplies, and baking gear! A gathering is nothing without a little bit of fun. 

Keeping people entertained is hard, but what's more disappointing then a room full of people on their phones/tablets? Especially when half of those people are under 12. 

A lot of our decor tips can be crafty lil projects! Get the kids to decorate eggs and pick out flowers, and have the adults assemble the table piece or wreath. 

Bunny Bowling

Upcycle glass or plastic drink bottles for your bunny pins. Paint the bottles or cover them with brightly coloured paper. Paint/draw a bunny face. Use any structured material to create bunny ears and tape them to the bottles. 

Grab any ball and ta-dah, you have bunny bowling! 

Clue Hunt - The New Easter Egg Hunt 

A fun twist on the classic easter egg hunt! Instead of hunting for multiple small chocolate eggs, hide one large treasure chest full of chocolates and tasty treats. 

Hide empty Easter egg containers with clues on where the treasure chest will be. Have the older kids make the clues, hide the eggs, and treasure. The younger kids can be on the lookout. 

Easter Egg Truth or Dare 

You can make this game PG 13 or just for adults! This one requires easter egg containers as well, but instead of clues, you write 'truths or dares'. 

Your destiny is dealt with by the selection of an egg. No trades allowed! 

It can be as silly as you have to smell someone's socks or retell your most embarrassing story. Alternatively, you can use it to your advantage and write in some chores for the dares!

Either way, it's a game everyone in the family/friend circle can enjoy. 

Enjoy Your Easter Celebration 

Holidays, in general, can mean something a little different to everyone, in any case, they should be shared with loved ones. Gather your family and friends for a time of food, fun, and gifts (if that's your thing)! 

If you're not hosting the celebration, be sure to bring a hostess gift! They put so much work into cleaning, decorating, preparing, and more cleaning - it's always a considerate token to have. 

We recommend an Easter Lily or bouquet of Tulips, but we could be biased ;). 

Let us know your go-to's for Easter! Comment on our latest Instagram post or tag us in your story :). 

A woman in a white dress holding a wicker basket full of spring and colourful flowers.

PS. Check out our Pinterest board "Easter Weekend Inspo" for all of our inspiration and tips! 

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