April 20, 2022

Administrative Professionals Day – Gift Guide for Every Business Size

Administrative Professionals Day – Gift Guide for Every Business Size

When it comes to remembering special occasions and arranging gifts, business owners rely on their administrative staff. They’re the ones who highlight the date, send multiple reminders, and pick out appropriate gifts.

This task may seem small and even a bit fun, but when it’s the owner’s responsibility – they often feel overwhelmed. Quite frankly, a lot of them forget altogether and scramble last minute.

We know it’s not a reflection of their gratitude, but an example of how important their staff is.

To make life easier for business owners and a bit more special for admin’s, we’ve whipped up a gift guide that includes appreciation tips!

Before we get into the glitz and glamour of the day, let’s go over some admin day facts.

  • Harry F. Klemfuss of Young and Rubicam pushed for a Secretaries Day as he wanted to highlight the importance of their work and encourage more women to join the workforce. His efforts were successful in 1952.
  • The typewriter played a large role in female-led secretaries. It was the general assumption that women would have an easier time typing as their fingers are typically smaller. 
  • Administrative Professional is an umbrella term for multiple positions including administrative assistant, secretary, office manager, office clerks, receptionist, human resources administrator, etc.
  • Having administrative staff is highly important to a business. They are typically the backbone, face, and voice of the company.

Picking a gift can be tricky, especially if you have multiple roles that fit into the administrative professional’s category. Our guide is split into small, medium, and large gifts, plus we’ve only included options from local businesses!

Modest Gifts Under $35

Looking for multiple gifts or a small token of appreciation? This section is for you! 

Orchid Appreciation by Academy Florist

Cymbidium orchids symbolize pure, valued, and respected friendship. The act of giving the flower is seen as an honour as well as receiving it. This arrangement is scent-free, perfect for an office setting or home with allergies.

Plants by Academy Florist  

If flowers aren’t the vibe, what about a cute lil plant? We have small tropical plants, succulents, and small peace lilies at an affordable cost. Pots are included, delivery is extra.

Just Shea-Whipped Shea Butter

Dry hands aren’t cute on anybody. Little Tree Hugger’s shea butter is the cure, and their adorable jars are fair-trade and organic.

Room Spray

Room Spray may seem like an odd gift, but it's super handy to use at work, at home or on the go! It's super affordable so you can buy one for every staff member or add it to a gift set. 

Stoneware Mug Set

Out of the Blue has a stoneware mug set in three different earthy colours, each set includes a small matching dish for tea bags, etc. They also carry adorable individual mugs.

3 Succulent Plants in White Ceramic Pots

Thoughtful Gifts Around $50

Only have a couple of gifts to give? Want to show your admin staff a bit more love? The thoughtful section is for you!

Vibrant Colour Arrangement by Academy Florist 

The Vibrant Colour flower arrangement is suitable for a desk or to take home. It includes a vase and is guaranteed to cheer anyone up. Flower colours may vary due to availability. Choose the standard or deluxe size. 

Stamped Gold Bookmarks 

A gorgeous brass bookmark with a colored silk tassel. Choose from one of their stamped-on, sweet quotes. 

To Go Tumbler 

Little Sister’s to-go tumbler comes in 3 stylish colours, hold 12oz, and is temperature-controlled. We all know an assistant who can't bear life without their morning coffee. 

Sweet Pea Mexican Falsa Blanket

We all have a coworker who is never warm. If that's your admin, this beautiful and soft blanket will be greatly appreciated. It's the perfect size to stash at work during chilly months. 

We Heart Winnipeg Gift Card 

Want to support local, but need a generic gift? You can never go wrong with a gift card! We Heart Winnipeg has a collection of trendy clothes and accessories.

A Flower Arrangement with Vibrant Flowers by Academy Florist
Extra Special Gifts under $100

If you have one extra special administrator or you’re just in the giving mood, here are some extra special local gifts!

Flower Arrangement by Academy Florist

Make your gift extra special by ordering a custom flower arrangement! Add in your assistant's favourite colours/flowers or leave it completely up to our designers. This flower arrangement is sure to be admired and appreciated and it's great to take home. 

The Monger Cheese Board

In this lovely box, you will receive 3 different types of cheese and you’ll be surprised with two of the following: honey, cured meat, or bean to bar chocolates. Perfect for a foodie. 

Conservas + Wine

Elements Wine offers a Wine bundle that includes smoke muscles, green olives, etc., and a bottle of Spanish White Grenache! They have other bundles too! 

Thermea Experience

I mean, is there much to say? It should be government-mandated that anyone in customer service gets a day at Thermea. The gift of relaxation is always a good gift. 

Stationery Set from 26 Market

You can choose a planner, journal, and/or pen set, perfect for any administrative professional. 26 Market focuses on “functionality, craftsmanship, and adding a little something extra to the rituals and routines of everyday living”.

Flower Arrangement with Pinks and Mauves Flowers
Treats for Everybody

When in doubt, desserts are always the solution! They’re a fan favourite around our shop and they’re guaranteed to bring a smile to your office. The cost really depends on your craving and how much you need. Here are a few of our go-to bakeries! 

Cookies from Pennyloaf Bakery

Authentic Macaroons from Frenchway

Doughnuts from Oh Doughnuts

Slices from Lilac Bakery

Cupcakes from Jenna Rae Cakes

Desserts and Flowers on a White Plate
Appreciation Tips – That Cost Nothing

Gratitude doesn’t have to be expressed with gifts; kindness and recognition go a long way! If you’re not in the buying mood or you want to show your adoration more often, try one of these tips!

  • Thank your staff for their hard work and notice their achievements.
  • Inquire about their employment goals and see if you can help the progression.
  • Let them take an extra-long lunch break if there’s a stressful day.
  • Listen to their needs/desires for their position (even if you can’t accommodate each one).
  • Complement them on their work or a personal aspect (hair, outfit, mood, etc.).
  • Give them a late start or early finish if they meet one of their goals.

An Opportunity to Thank Administrative Teams

Every employee deserves recognition for their role in a business. From small tokens to extravagant gestures, your staff will feel adored and seen.

It boosts morale, contributes to efficiency, uplifts your public image, and will provide joy to your day too.

We’d love to hear about your Administrative Professional Day celebration or how you’re treating your staff! Comment below 😊.

Academy Florist's Team Holding Bouquets

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