October 05, 2020

Mum's the Word

Mum's the Word

One sure signal that fall has arrived is the utter explosion of mums in stock! Our cooler is bursting with chrysanthemums of all different shapes, colours and sizes - and it is glorious!

Bouquet full of Autumn Coloured Mums

I must admit that I once thought mums were boring but after a little reading and a lot of flower-gazing I now think mums are a treasure trove of colour and style. With more than 40 different species and more than a thousand different varieties of blooms, chrysanthemums are as unique and as interesting as snowflakes!

Bouquet full of Autumn Coloured Mums by Academy Florist

Here's a few fast facts about these fall beauties... 

Chrysanthemums have their roots in China, where they are still celebrated and revered. They are one of the 'Four Gentlemen of China' - orchids, plum blossom and bamboo are the other three. Each one represents a season with Chrysanthemums representing fall which makes sense as they begin to bloom in the late summer or early fall and are the official flower for the month of November.

Flower Arrangement including Chrysanthemums and Roses 

Chrysanthemums can also be found in Chinese medicine and cuisine due to the belief of their healing powers for the mind and body. One legend states that drinking from the stem of a Chrysanthemum can bring long and healthy life which may have propelled the popularity of Chrysanthemum tea and wine. 

Bouquet including Chrysanthemums and Greenery by Academy Florist

During the 17th and 18th centuries Chrysanthemums left their Asian homes and made their way around the globe. They became quick favourites in gardens around the western world because of their many varieties and colour combinations as well as for their use as a natural bug repellent in gardens, too.

For us here at Academy Florists, Chrysanthemums offer us endless options when creating beautiful and long-lasting bouquets and arrangements. From Spider mums' thin, dense petals to the firm, spikey blooms of the Quilled mums to the short, tight globes of the poms to the wide, feathery petals of the anemone - they are a never-ending source of inspiration for our skilled designers.

Small Rose Arrangement by Academy Florist

Our fall collection features some of my favourite mums. And what's more, we have partnered with a fabulous local coffee roaster to offer something really special this season. If you order one of our coffee themed bouquets or arrangements you will receive a 4oz pack of Red Lake Coffee beans. So click on over to our fall collection and order a Pumpkin Spice, Hot Apple Cider, Blonde Vanilla, Flat White, Caramel Macchiato, Gourmet or House Blend to receive your own wonderful fall treat!

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