October 22, 2020

40 Years and Still Going Strong

40 Years and Still Going Strong

As a little girl, Irene Seaman spent hours running through the fields and family's greenhouses, learning the names and features of each flower. This is where she fell in love with flowers and with working a family business.

When her parents had settled in Canada, they did what came natural to them, they established greenhouses and began to build a community of friends and customers. It was there, under the guidance of her father, that Irene turned her artistic interest in flower design into a passion for continuing and growing the family business. 

"My dad taught me so much about customer service. He would remind me often that without customers you have no business. He was always so focused on making sure our customers walked away happy. That's how he measured success; a happy customer."

The Academy Florist Shop on Academy in 1980

In 1980, after operating a retail flower shop across town, it was decided that a flower shop on Academy road would be the perfect place to begin the journey as Academy Florist. (We have since moved and our present location is at
925 Corydon Ave).

"When we were looking to make a change in our business we decided to open our shop in this area because we loved the community. This area of the city has always been so friendly and full of great people!"

Over the past 40 years, Irene has experienced the expected ebb and flow that comes with operating a local business. There have been years of easy growth and success and years when it was more difficult. No matter what was happening in the world around her, Irene was steadfast in her chosen path.

"My father also taught me a lot about developing a strong work ethic. Giving up was never an option. When things get tough that's when you have to look deep inside and pull that resolution to move forward out of you. You just have to remember what it's all about and keep going."

Irene, The Owner of Academy Florist

 For Irene, Academy Florist was never just about the flowers. It's always been about connection and family.

  "I'm not just selling flowers. I am providing comfort and love and joy and connection. People can say so much with flowers, things they have trouble communicating with words. Flowers help people to heal and to gain strength. Flowers remind people that they are not alone. Flowers remind us to stop and feel."

Although Irene has spent her whole life in the flower business don't think for a minute that she is ready to slow down! She thoroughly enjoys the challenge of sourcing new products and staying ahead of current trends. She loves staying connected to her customers and helping them to make the most out of the occasions in their lives. 

"I'm so very proud of our team at Academy Florist. I am just one person. I could have never done all of this on my own. I have been blessed to always have really good and amazing people on my team. Together, we get to serve Winnipeg and Manitoba. We get to keep helping people. We are privileged  to be able to keep doing what we love and loving the people we serve!"

Journal entry written by Academy Florist team member Nichole Forbes


Congratulations Irene on 40+ strength!! I was your Ganz representative and Irene you always had time for me. I truly enjoyed our candid discussions about business. You always made me count my blessings twice and send me off with flowers.

Suzan Stupack

November 27, 2020

Congrats Irene!! I loved reading your story. Flowers are in your blood. Wishing you the very best in the years ahead.
Rich & Lynne

Lynne Pauls

November 27, 2020

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