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Spring Time is our Happy Time!

We are grinning from ear to ear at the spring florals lining our coolers. Whether it be a fresh cut bouquet, a large arrangement or a simple centerpiece, flowers are guaranteed to brighten your home! Administrative Professionals week is coming quickly, and Mother’s Day is soon to follow. Get some fresh ideas at our Academy Florist Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter. Oh, and get your orders in early! Our Academy Florist Elves are ready to make flower magic!
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Valentines Is Near!

We are gearing up for Valentines in the shop! It is already buzzing with beautiful arrangements and pink and red have taken over! Order your Valentines flowers early for the one you love. Allow our designers to be creative and send something extra special. Here are a few ideas of what we can do for you ranging in price and colour! Call 204-488-4822 to order today!

Valentines Day 1507864_10153744566810537_1901375202_n 12333_10153744564850537_1438355346_n 1782019_10153744566760537_2137079416_n 1546192_10153744566705537_685368972_n

Featured Products

We are crazy about these beautiful Rifle Paper Co. products. We have cards and notebooks with lovely floral designs that we know you will LOVE! Perfect to go with a little bouquet or arrangement of your choice. Ask about our Rifle Paper products in your next order!

photo 3

photo 1

The Holiday Season Is Here!

We are full to the brim with beautiful Christmassy things! Poinsettias are in and still coming by the truck load, Eco Friendly Soy Harvest candles are lining the shelves, not to mention our Holiday arrangements flying out the door! We are busy designing wreaths, centerpieces and baskets for the holiday season. Stop by or call to order today!

Red and White Poinsettias Available!

Christmas Arrangement Accessories

Birch Accents Decor

Christmas Decor for Sale!

Eco-Friendly Soy Harvest Candles


Call or Click to Order Today!

Deck the Halls…Already?

Academy Florist Winnipeg

We hate to say it…but yep, it’s getting to be that time. We at Academy Florist are already planning out our holiday season! We’re getting ready for a beautiful Holiday Open House and Grand Opening to celebrate our brand new store at 925 Corydon Avenue (more details to come soon!).

If you are interested in ordering special holiday flowers for your company’s staff party, a seasonal Thank You to clients, or simply to spruce up your workplace around the Christmas and Hannukah season, give us a call to pre-order! We would love to discuss poinsettias, centrepieces, or thank you gifts in advance. Call us at 204.488.4822 or shop online now!

The Journey of a Flower

Winnipeg Wedding Florist

Have you ever wondered how a flower gets to our shop so quickly and stays so fresh? The floral industry relies on a process sometimes described as the “cold chain” to keep flowers fresh from the farms on which they are grown until they reach customers’ hands.

Flowers after harvest are cooled rapidly to temperatures just above freezing and transported via airplane, train or truck – often in refrigerated holds – to importers, wholesalers or directly to florists, who then prepare the flowers for sale. Depending where the flowers are traveling, total transit time can be as quick as 24 hours.

The low temperatures in transit keep the flowers essentially in a state of suspended animation: respiration (moisture loss) slows; their carbohydrate reserves (fuel for vase life) are maintained; and they aren’t as sensitive to ethylene, a gas given off as plants age that decreases vase life.

After the blooms arrive at the flower shop, stems are recut and the flowers are placed into a hydration solution to encourage good water uptake. Florists call this “conditioning” the flowers. Most flowers remain refrigerated until they are ready to be sold or to go into an arrangement.

(via FloristsReview.com)

A New Look

As you all know, we’re very excited about all of the changes that have been going around Academy Florist the last 6 months or so. We relocated our Kenaston and Scurfield locations, and moved into a new store at 925 Corydon Avenue. Our designers at our Marion St and Pembina Highway stores have been an amazing support for us at the Corydon store while we’ve been hectically unpacking everything, and continue to create amazing designs. And finally, we have a new sign! Here’s a look at the old face of 925 Corydon with our temporary sign, and the new look too!

Academy Florist Winnipeg

Winnipeg florist

Winnipeg florist

Winnipeg Florist

The New Signs Are Going Up!

We’re very excited that our new signs are finally going up on our new building at 925 Corydon Avenue. We’ve been using a temporary banner since July when we moved in, and this week the exterior of the building will be painted and a brand spanking new sign will go up in that banner’s place.

Since we updated our logo earlier this summer (after over 30 years, it was about time!), we wanted the new signs to coordinate. Our new branding colours are gold, black and white.

Winnipeg Florist

Today, we had a smaller sign put up inside the new store, over one of our coolers.

Academy Florist

Winnipeg Florist

Winnipeg Florist

It’s looking pretty sharp, so far! We can’t wait to get the large sign put up outside and show that off, too. Renovations are a long, hard process but we’re getting close to being finished!

We’ve Been Busy!

Wow, have we ever had an incredibly busy summer! Between designing flowers for more weddings than ever before (we’re nearing the 200 count!), renovating and moving into our new store, and trying to keep up to date with everything that is going on, the blog has fallen off the radar. We can’t wait to show off pictures of our new store – it’s not quite complete, but we’re getting close! In the meantime, check out some of the work we’ve done this summer.


(Our construction crew has been helpful in more ways than one!)

1232511_10151546994715836_362671323_n copy

_DSC2736 logo copy

IMG_0042 copy

Joel Ross bouquet


_MG_0076 copy

Downton Abbey… In Winnipeg

Back in May, we had the privilege of designing beautiful centrepieces for an evening at the Manitoba Club. The event was focused on the food, and the theme was Downton Abbey – and did we ever have creating arrangements that would go perfectly with the theme!

Room #1 featured our silver candelabra. The stunning ballroom is yellow with navy draperies, so we wanted to keep the flowers in the soft yellows and greens, and added in a few vintage vases with single blooms of Queen Anne’s Lace.

Candelabra Centrepieces

Gold Wedding

Candelabra Wedding

Table #2 was in the fireside room. Since the event was held in May, we wanted to take advantage of the spring peony season and packed this room full of gorgeous coral peonies. We decked out the long table with an assortment of arrangements in our mercury glass vases which went along perfectly with the Victorian theme, and added in light touches of greenery garlands.

Coral Peony Wedding

Vintage Coral Wedding

Academy Florist Winnipeg

academy Florist Winnipeg

It was SUCH a pleasure to be a part of this beautiful event! Thank you to the Manitoba Club for hosting and asking us to be a part of it, and to BLF Studios for the wonderful photos!

Want to see more beautiful wedding and event images? Follow our weddings page on Facebook! 

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