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Freshen Up Any Space

It is nearly time for Spring cleaning! We are so looking forward to the sunshine, seeing the snow melt and enjoying the longer days. What often comes with those things is cleaning out the house of clutter, opening up a window for some fresh air and getting rid of the things that winter has left behind. One of the best ways to add light and freshness to a space is house plants. Whether you are a green thumb or not we have something for you! From ivy’s (that require watering once a week and can be in a sunny or shady spot) to a succulent/cactus garden that requires only a spritz of water every few weeks. Add a new addition to your coffee table, nightstand or office desk and invite Spring into your home.






Arrangements That Last Forever

We have some new and beautiful pieces in the shop that are the perfect way to add interest to a space. These arrangements are perfect for corporate offices, hotels, and businesses and won’t ever go bad! Inquire today about your lasting arrangement! Pictured is one of 3 different styles!



Introducing the Pop-Up Box!

Introducing the AF Pop Up Box! Every week we will have a select grab and go bouquet available with special ingredients (while supplies last) all for only $25. Stay tuned each week on our Facebook and Instagram to see the bouquet feature! Use our hash-tag showing us your pop-up bouquet. The bouquets will be $35 with delivery.‪#‎academypopupbox‬


Spring is on it’s Way

We made it through one of the biggest days of the year, Valentines day. And now all we can think of is the days until spring! We have beautiful things in the shop right now included fresh daffodils, tulips and other spring blooms. We also have a beautiful selection of plants; jasmine, cactus, succulents, orchids and many many more.  Stop by the shop today!





Happy New Year!

We are a couple weeks into the new year and we have already been busy bees! This past weekend was the Wonderful Wedding Show which is always a great time to look for new inspiration and get excited about the upcoming year. Here is what we have been up to in the shop! Our next big event is coming quickly: Valentines Day! We already have some wonderful things in the shop including cards, gift baskets and new vases. Stop by and say “Hi”!


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Happy Holiday Season!

The hustle and bustle has arrived! Our little elves are working hard to make sure all of your winter arrangements and poinsettias are ready to go by the holidays!

We have multiple sizes of poinsettias, fresh wreaths and dozens of beautiful festive arrangements available. Order early and Happy Happy Christmas to you!






From Fall to Winter

The leaves are off of the trees and the snow has arrived. Winter is officially here and we are already making holiday arrangements. Order your holiday wreaths, poinsettias and centerpieces today! We also have brand new Holiday and Christmas cards and select premium chocolates available today! The perfect addition to any gift or arrangement.


Jenna Rae Cakes- Large Winter Garland

Custom Designers Choice Arrangement



Cotton Stems


Fresh Holiday Wreath

Fresh Holiday Wreath

From Summer to Fall

We are winding down from an amazing summer full of events, weddings and day-to day arrangements. It has been a busy one for us and we are looking forward to the change in season.


Simply Rosie Photography

Simply Rosie Photography


We are transitioning into fall and are already getting orders for Thanksgiving! We are excited to see what this season brings and are enjoying the new more dramatic color palettes. Burgundy’s, oranges and deep reds are everywhere!

We also have some new pieces in the shoot perfect for autumn, rose gold! We are looking forward to using these in special events and weddings. They are available to rent now!


Happy Fall, Friends!

We look forward to flowering all through this season with you!

At Home Floral Care

Whether it is a cut bouquet, a bouquet in a vase or an arrangement in floral foam, there are some little tricks into getting the longest life possible out of your fresh flowers.

For cut bouquets, make sure to re-cut the stems before you put them in water. If they have been out of water for more then a few minutes, the stem has already dried out at the bottom allowing for less water to travel up the stem. Fill a vase with slightly warm water and add the flower food package that would have come with the bouquet. Re-cut the stems and place in the vase. If your bouquet comes with an elastic keeping it together, cut the elastic just before you place it in the vase and allow for it to loosen up to fill out the vase.



For arrangements in floral foam, the most important thing to know is that once the foam dries out, you cannot re-hydrate it. Keeping the foam full of water by adding water to it every day will help the life of the flowers.  Giving the flowers a spritz of water will also help them stay fresh.


For arrangements in a vase, the designer would have put fresh water in just before it was put together along with floral food. Keep them out of sunlight and the warmest areas of your home to slow down the process of the flowers opening. Every other day or so, gather the flowers in your hand and take them out of the vase to re-cut the stems. Change the water at the same time to minimize bacteria growth on the flower stems. If you notice something getting droopy, making the water warmed will help them to perk up.


A tip for all kinds of floral arrangements is that most likely, some flowers will last longer than others. If you notice some of the flowers are past their prime, remove those stems. Don’t be afraid to play around with your arrangements and take apart bouquets. You will be able to freshen it up and make something new!

If you ever have questions about flower care, please call us at any of our locations! We will be happy to help you!

A Day in the Life || Academy Florist

A sweet little visitor came into the shop a few weeks ago and snapped a few photos of us on one of our busiest weeks. Simply Rosie Photography came to pick up a beautiful bouquet for a gal that was getting engaged. We made up the beautiful bundle for the new bride-to-be in exchange for a few captures of what a day in the life looks like for us.

Floristry is messy, dirty and can be rough on the hands, but what we get to do every day is design moments. A proposal bouquet, a way to say “I love you”, a way to share sympathy, a way to connect with loved ones.  We are invited into the lives of people and get to have a small part in delivering something fresh, something happy, something alive.

We love what we do at Academy Florist. We invite you to join us in sending moments to the people you care about.














































IMG_0722 IMG_0723

Simply Rose Photography

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